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The simple art of relaxing is being lost, modern life is fast and fractured. For all, this is a challenge, as life can get stressful. During these periods we have a tendency to drop into our default mode. The end result; stress, tension, pain and poor sleep hygiene.

Massage gives the client a chance to feel their way back into their bodies. My approach combines Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and breath work. All help the individual deepen into the journey of re connection. Regular massages can help in stress reduction, improve deep-seated postural issues and nurture general well-being.

"He beautifully combines deep work with care, clear intuition and gentle power."

– Jules, Massage therapist

Breath work

I’m so glad that breathing is automatic, otherwise, we would all be in trouble. Regulated by the autonomic nervous system, we don’t necessarily notice the signs and symptoms of poor breathing habits, in the same way we notice hunger or dehydration. Most people breathe dysfunctionally, too shallow, too rapid, or through their mouths.

All have impacts on our stress levels, energy, digestion and sleep. By learning how to breathe correctly we can develop a life skill that can positively affect our day-to-day experience. Traditional and science-based techniques that work and offer an excellent gateway into meditation.

Conscious movement, mindfulness and meditation

Consciousness at its simplest is "sentience or awareness of internal or external existence.

Find your centre and learn to connect with yourself, through conscious movement, mindfulness and breathing. A journey that enables you to align with your body from the inside to the out. Improving postural and breath awareness can help nourish a healthy relationship with our body and mind.

"I began doing one-to-one sessions with Stu whilst going through a very challenging time. Stu’s empathetic presence and his generosity in sharing so much of his knowledge around the practice of meditation and mindfulness were instrumental in helping me through this period. The sessions gave me a safe space to learn to sit with difficult emotions and helped me to ground myself in the present. I have been able to integrate many of the mindfulness and breathing techniques that Stu has shared with me into my daily routine, giving me tools to draw upon as I navigate life."

– Alice, Illustrator

Walk and talk

Being in nature helps us relax, for some it’s easier to open up and re connect with themselves. I’m offering one-to-ones where we utilise Scotland’s amazing, hills, beaches and forests to help us let go of our busy minds and connect to our bodies. During the nature sessions, a dialogue is opened up, where we can explore lifestyle changes and options to help you move towards a healthier, balanced, life.

"Four walls and ceiling just doesn’t work for me, being with Stu out walking and talking, really is a place that I feel I can open up and start to dig into what’s going on with me. Stu’s ability to reflect what you’re saying, in a nonjudgemental and supportive way has been such a help. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with Stu."

– Mike Guest, Photographer and filmmaker

Wellness coaching

Keep finding yourself stuck in familiar life loops, struggling to make positive changes? Discover balance, build resilience and learn to respond to life. A journey where with the aid of a wellness coach, you become aware of what's holding you back and start shaping your own path towards a more harmonious life.