Embodied living

Developing the capacity to centre our awareness in the body is our birthright. This is becoming more of a challenge as the culture becomes fragmented. Our attention is running at a deficit, leached by an overload of information that each and everyone of us is exposed to on a moment to moment basis. As this information over load increases, our attention is being pulled away from its essential nature. We are an organic vessel, that has the choice of moving through life, centred in reality. But for most this is becoming a concept. The todo lists are only getting longer, the pressure to be seen and liked is building and we are left mentally exhausted and anxious.  Our bodies being dragged round by a mind that has forgotten its connection, its ground.



Learning to centre your attention inwards, helps us to relate to where we are in space and time. Surely this is a good thing. As a bodyworker and movement coach I see how difficult this is for most, if not all. They ‘think’ they are in the body and here lies the issue, thinking is not feeling. We spend so much time invested in the thinking of life, that after a while, this becomes our reality. We’ve disconnected, we live on top of our necks, housed in a narrow bandwidth, that sees and thinks, way too much and when our bodies hurt, we complain, that’s its letting us down. In our madness we have lost contact with our wholeness.

Moving with the flow of life, is a chance to connect, each step, the next breath, the way we sit, the way we exercise, is a real opportunity to feel our body. Creating a relationship with ourselves that has depth and the capacity to not only learn, but heal. This is not wu wu, neuroscience is confirming the narrative of yogis, monks, martial artists, dancers and anyone else who has been, crafting the art of  centring. When we are aligned, both physically and mentally, we move and relate with potency, centred in reality, grounded in the earth, connecting to our hearts and seeing the bigger picture.

In this moment as you read this, turn your attention inwards. How are you standing / sitting, are you breathing into your diaphragm, hows your mind state, your mood. When our attention is fractured, we drop into unconscious patterns, we know them well, hunched shoulders, a contorted posture, shallow breathing, to name a few. People see this as being relaxed, until that is, they start feeling anxious, their back starts aching, they get dehydrated, you know the story, we all do. The more we pay attention, the easier it is for OUR body to let us know, through very clear signals, that we need to adjust, consciously.


Embodied living is not an idea it’s a journey of self discovery.