The Inner Weather


Our inner world has its own weather system, thoughts, emotions, attitudes and the senses are all flowing constantly. Our blood pulses, heart beats, lungs breathe, the organic antenna we call the nervous system is constantly relaying external information back into our bodies. We are alive, and all this is happening every nano second, we are an organic, living, breathing processing machine.

Add to this organic mix, life stress, bad nights sleep, poor diet choices, trauma and lock down; its know wonder we ‘All’ struggle at times.

The brain is also negatively biased, this was originally a survival mechanism. Yet the human condition wants to lock life down, make it safe, stay happy and in control. We grasp, we repulse, anything not to feel this flow of our inner and outer worlds. We are told to be positive, to smile, to live in the moment, sometimes it’s the last place many want to be.

Mental health fluctuates for all of us, some are more sensitive to the peaks and troughs, some are so overwhelmed that they get stuck, others so shut down, they cant even express themselves and some just keep running away.

We are mammals and we evolved in communities for connection and safety, sometimes the best therapy is just to say how we feel, without someone judging. An open ear and an open heart can help people navigate these stormy periods.

Reach out and listen, without trying to solve anything, allow them to express how they feel in their aliveness, let them know its ok and it will change, just like the weather.